WordPress Plugins

  • Add Admin CSS

    Easily define additional CSS (inline and/or by URL) to be added to all administration pages.

  • Add Admin JavaScript

    Interface for easily defining additional JavaScript (inline and/or by URL) to be added to all administration pages.

  • Admin Commenters Comments Count

    Displays a count of each commenter's total number of comments (linked to those comments) next to their name on any admin page.

  • Admin Expert Mode

    Allows users to hide inline documentation and help text that are geared for beginning users in the WordPress admin.

  • Admin Per Page Limits

    Control the number of posts per page, pages per page, and comments per page that appear in the admin listings of posts, pages, and comments.

  • Admin Post Navigation

    Adds links to navigate to the next and previous posts when editing a post in the WordPress admin.

  • Admin Trim Interface

    Customize the WordPress admin pages by selectively removing interface elements on a per-user basis.

  • Allow Multiple Accounts

    Allow multiple user accounts to be created, registered, and updated having the same email address.

  • array_partition

  • Author Image(s)

    Display image (if present) and/or name for the author of a post, or for all authors on the blog.

  • Auto-hyperlink URLs

  • Blog Time

    Display the time according to your blog via an admin toolbar widget, a sidebar widget, and/or a template tag.

  • Category Image(s)

    Display an image for each category associated with a post.

  • Commenter Emails

  • Configure SMTP

  • Custom Admin Post Listing

  • Custom Fields For Anything

  • Custom Post Limits

    Independently control the number of posts listed on the front page, author/category/custom post type/custom taxonomy/tag archives, search results, etc …

  • Customizable Comment Listings

  • Customizable Post Listings

    Display Recent Posts, Recently Commented Posts, Recently Modified Posts, Random Posts, and other post listings using the post information of your choosing in an easily customizable manner. You can narrow post searches by specifying categories and/or authors, among other things.

  • Disable Directory Listings

    Prevent virtual directory listing services from listing the contents of directories, and/or show a page in place of a directory's listing.

  • Disable Search

    Disable the built-in front-end search capabilities of WordPress.

  • Duplicate Widget

    A widget that can act as a duplicate of another widget (for synchronized use in another sidebar)

  • Dynamic Text Replace

  • Easy Post-to-Post Links

    Easily create a link to another post using a shortcode to reference the post by id or slug; the link text is the post's title, unless overridden.

  • Expandable Dashboard Recent Comments

    Enables in-place expansion of excerpts in the admin dashboard 'Comments' section of the 'Activity' widget to view full comments.

  • Extra Sentence Space

    Force browsers to display two spaces (when present) between sentences.

  • Get Custom Field Values

    Use widgets, shortcodes, and/or template tags to easily retrieve and display custom field values for posts or pages.

  • Get Upcoming or Past Posts

  • Get User Custom Field Values

    Use widgets, shortcodes, and/or template tags to easily retrieve and display custom field values for users.

  • Hide Broken Shortcodes

    Prevent broken shortcodes from appearing in posts and pages.

  • Hide/Cut Post Text

    Hide (so no one, or only users above a certain userlevel, can see) or cut (so only viewable on post's permalink page) portion(s) of post text. Link text for cuts can be defined per-cut or omitted, and if used, cut links are uniquely anchored. Quicktag buttons for the new tags facilitate use (but can be disabled).

  • HTML Special Characters Helper

    Admin widget on the Add/Edit Post pages for inserting HTML encodings of special characters into the post.

  • If File Exists

    Check if a file exists and return true/false or display a string containing information about the file.

  • Inject Query Posts

    Facilitates injecting an array of posts into a WP query object as if queried. Particularly useful to allow use of standard template tags.

  • Last Contacted

    Easily keep track of the last time you interacted with your contacts.

  • Last Logins

  • Linkify Authors

    Turn a string, list, or array of author IDs and/or slugs into a list of links to those authors. Provides a widget and template tag.

  • Linkify Categories

    Turn a string, list, or array of category IDs and/or slugs into a list of links to those categories. Provides a widget and template tag.

  • Linkify Posts

    Turn a string, list, or array of post IDs and/or slugs into a list of links to those posts. Provides a widget and template tag.

  • Linkify Tags

    Turn a string, list, or array of tag IDs and/or slugs into a list of links to those tags. Provides a widget and template tag.

  • Linkify Text

    Automatically add links to words or phrases in your posts.

  • List More Custom Field Names

    Allows for more existing custom field names to be listed in the dropdown selection field when writing a post.

  • Loop Post Navigation Links

    Template tags (for use in single.php) to create post navigation loop (previous to first post is last post; next/after last post is first post).

  • Never Moderate Registered Users

    Never moderate or mark as spam comments made by registered users (or, alternatively, those with specified capabilities), regardless of the apparent sp …

  • No Browser Nag

    Removes the browser nag that appears in the admin dashboard when using a less-than-current web browser.

  • No Update Nag

    Removes the WordPress update nag that appears at the top of all admin pages when a new version of WordPress is released.

  • Notifications for Collapsed Admin Menu

    Highlights the comments and plugins icons in the collapsed admin sidebar menu when notifications are pending.

  • Obfuscate E-mail

    Obfuscate email addresses to deter email-harvesting spammers.

  • Omit Passworded Posts From Search

    Prevent passworded posts from being included in site search results.

  • One Click Close Comments

    Conveniently close or open comments for a post or page with one click from the admin listing of posts.

  • Parentless Categories

    Provides a template tag like the_category() that lists categories assigned to a post, but excludes assigned categories that have a child category also …

  • Peer Categories

    List the categories that are peer (i.e. share the same category parent) to all lowest-level assigned categories for the specified post.

  • Post Index Helpers

    A variety of template tags related to the index/position of a post within a loop's listing of posts.

  • Preserve Code Formatting

    Preserve formatting of code for display by preventing its modification by WordPress and other plugins while also retaining whitespace.

  • Quick Drafts Access

    Adds links to 'All Drafts' and 'My Drafts' under Posts, Pages, and other custom post type sections in the admin menu.

  • Random File

    Retrieve the name, path, or link to a randomly chosen file or files in a specified directory.

  • Remember Me Controls

    Have "Remember Me" checked by default on the login page and configure how long a login is remembered. Or disable the feature altogether.

  • Restrict Usernames

    Restrict the usernames that new users may use when registering for your site.

  • Reveal Template

    Reveal the theme template file used to render the displayed page, via the admin bar, footer, widget, shortcode, and/or template tag.

  • Safe Function Call

    Safely and easily call functions that may not be available (such as those provided by a plugin that gets deactivated)

  • Show Pending Comments Count

    Display the pending comments count next to the approved comments count in the admin listing of posts.

  • Silent Publish

    Adds the ability to publish a post without triggering pingbacks, trackbacks, or notifying update services.

  • Single Category Permalink

    Reduce permalinks (category or post) that include entire hierarchy of categories to just having the lowest level category.

  • Stealth Publish

    Prevent specified posts from being featured on the front page or in feeds, and from notifying external services of publication.

  • Stealth Update

    Adds the ability to update a post without having WordPress automatically update the post's post_modified timestamp.

  • Text Hover

    Add hover text (aka tooltips) to content in posts. Handy for providing explanations of names, terms, phrases, abbreviations, and acronyms.

  • Text Replace

    Replace text with other text. Handy for creating shortcuts to common, lengthy, or frequently changing text/HTML, or for smilies.

  • wpuntexturize

    Prevent WordPress from converting single and double quotation marks into their curly alternatives, and optionally also convert existing curly quotatio …