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Despite appearances, my prolonged absence from the WordPress community and this blog were by no means signs of my abandonment of WordPress. In fact, I’ve been quite busy during that intervening time with a good bit of freelance WordPress development. Along with getting into Ruby on Rails development and a variety of personal life things (all good), I just haven’t had the time to maintain a public face. I sincerely apologize to those languishing with my outdated plugins. Expect official updates to all of them soon, as well as a slew of new plugins. We’ll see where things go from there.



Far too many things have been left to stagnate for far too long around here. So in the interest of bringing life back to the site, I’m relaunching it with a redesign. I’m a bit premature with the unveiling of the new look, so you’ll have to bear with me as I iron out the kinks (particularly with IE, which I’m sure has some issues) and clean up the source.

Oh, and expect updates to (most) all of my WordPress plugins soon, too.

In addition, there will be an expansion of focus for the site beyond WordPress.

At least now there is motion.


Running 1.5

WordPress 1.5 is now under the hood. Let’s get her revved up, eh? Stay tuned…


The sizzle before the cool-off

Sorry for having been incommunicado for the last few days. Life has been busy. And promises to be even more so in the next few weeks. With my free time dwindling to zero until I can resurface again (weeks??), I am devoting the rest of the night (and maybe some of tomorrow depending on how far I get) making updates to many of the plugins I’ve made.

I’m hoping I don’t introduce critical errors since I won’t be around to field support questions. But if you’ve got questions, ask ’em now. If you’re reading this site more than a couple days from this posting and haven’t seen any responses or postings from me in awhile, you’ll have to wait until I get back before you’ll get an answer to your question/request.

I better get to it…

TEST: This a test of a new post-to-post linking plugin. You should see a post title here:


New look

Well, I tired of the too-basic site design, though I still didn’t have the inclination to come up with an entirely new design on my own. So I perused Alex King’s WordPress Styles site and chose King’s Dots (3-column) style and modified it. One such modification being the change to a 2-column design. Then of course I added custom images. Feels a bit homier now.


The look of coffee2code

I’ve decided to keep the design of the site fairly simple. I’ve used the stock WordPress CSS file, wp-layout.css, as the basis for the layout, partly out of desire to get to the meat of things and not fuss over the design, and partly because I wanted to familiarize myself with as much of WP as possible. Most of my changes have been related to colors, font size, and letter spacing (-1px letter spacing, who likes that??).


Getting started: Purpose

The purpose of is to act as a repository for all the tech-related information I’d like to keep a record of for future reference. I intend to post handy code snippets, newly learned information, links to documentation, help sites, news, etc. I also intend to document various procedures I perform (namely: application installations, code modifications, application configurations, etc).

Perhaps a better idea of how I foresee the site is to explain the category system I hope to employ. For each post, I expect to apply at least three categories, one from each of three groups:

  • Primary Subject:
    The primary subject matter of the post, chosen from among one of three sub-groups:

    • Applications: Apache, Firefox, GIMP, MySQL, WordPress, etc
    • Operating Systems/Windowing Environments: FreeBSD, KDE, Mac, etc
    • Programming Languages: C, C++, CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL, TCL, etc
  • Resource Type:
    The post is itself, or links to, what sort of resource?
    Community, Discussion, Documentation, Help, Hack, Idea, Module/plugin, News, Rant, Tip
  • Resource Audience:
    The post, or what it links to, is intended for what sort of audience?
    Developers or Users

Maybe none of that makes sense to anyone but me. Then again, I don’t expect anyone else looking to make sense of it.