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Admin Expert Mode v1.5

I’d like to announce the official release of the updated Admin Expert Mode plugin (v1.5) for WordPress.

Allow users with access to the administration section to hide inline documentation and help text, which generally target beginning users.

Recommended update! Highlights: hides newly added help text, displays reminder on plugin activation, added filters, localization support, dropped pre-WP 2.8 compatibility, added verified WP 3.0 compatibility.

For more details, instructions, screenshots, and the download link, visit the plugin’s official homepage at :

Comments welcome on this post for this version of the plugin. Comments will be closed once this release has been superseded by another.

Read more for a detailed ChangeLog of the release.

Detailed ChangeLog

These are the detailed changes, which may or may not make sense to you depending on your familiarity with the previous features and internals of the plugin.

  • Display notice on plugin’s activation to remind admin that expert mode must be enabled for each user before it takes effect for the user
  • Allow configuring of default expert mode state for all users, via ‘c2c_admin_expert_mode_default’ filter (initially set to false)
  • Allow enabling of expert mode for all users, via ‘c2c_admin_expert_mode’ filter (having it return true)
  • Add true localization support
  • Handle text on ‘Install Themes’ page
  • Handle text on ‘Add New Plugins’
  • Check for is_admin() before defining class rather than during constructor
  • Add function is_admin_expert_mode_active() to encapsulate logic to determine if expert mode is active for the current user
  • Change plugin description
  • Instantiate object within primary class_exists() check
  • Assign object instance to global variable $c2c_admin_expert_mode to allow for external manipulation
  • Add PHPDoc documentation
  • Note compatibility with WP 2.9+ and 3.0+
  • Drop compatibility with versions of WP older than 2.8
  • Minor code reformatting (spacing)
  • Remove docs from top of plugin file (all that and more are in readme.txt)
  • Remove trailing whitespace in header docs
  • Add Changelog, Upgrade Notice, and Filters sections to readme.txt
  • Fix sublist syntax usage in readme.txt
  • Add package info to top of plugin file
  • Update copyright date