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wpuntexturize v1.3

I’d like to announce the official release of the updated wpuntexturize plugin (v1.3) for WordPress.

Prevent WordPress from displaying single and double quotation marks as their curly alternatives.

The plugin’s official homepage is located at :

This update broadens the reach of the plugin to undo ALL curly quote replacements done by WordPress. Miscellaneous other updates and improvements have been made, especially in terms of filters. The readme.txt documentation has been improved to show usage of the filters. And WordPress 3.0+ support has been tested and verified.

Comments welcome on this post for this version of the plugin. Comments will be closed once this release has been superseded by another.

Read more for a detailed ChangeLog of the release.

Detailed ChangeLog

These are the detailed changes, which may or may not make sense to you depending on your familiarity with the previous features and internals of the plugin.

  • Rename ‘wpuntexturize’ filter to ‘wpuntexturize_filters’ to more accurately reflect its purpose (and to prevent conflict for new use of the filter name)
  • Add filter ‘wpuntexturize’ so that users can use the do_action(‘wpuntexturize’) notation for invoking the function
  • Add c2c_init_wpuntexturize() to handle initialization
  • Remove docs from top of plugin file (all that and more are in readme.txt)
  • Allow filtering of the list of filters to be untexturized, via ‘wpuntexturize’ filter
  • Now unfilter everything that wptexturize is applied to by default, which now includes these filters: comment_author, term_name, link_name, link_description, link_notes, bloginfo, wp_title, widget_title, single_cat_title, single_tag_title, single_month_title, nav_menu_attr_title, nav_menu_description, term_description
  • Wrap functions in function_exists() check to be safe
  • Note compatibility with WP 3.0+
  • Add Upgrade Notice and Filters sections to readme.txt

4 replies on “wpuntexturize v1.3”

Upgraded plugin, but it would not activate. The following error was cited:


Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.

Parse error: parse error, unexpected ‘;’ in /vservers/bevreviewcom/htdocs/wp-content/plugins/wpuntexturize/wpuntexturize.php on line 71

Thanks for the report, Steve. Turned out to be a pair of typos I introduced at the last second prior to the release of 1.3. Fixed in the latest version, v1.3.1.

I can’t say thanks enough! I tried different plugins that only corrected quotes, not apostrophes. In Verdana, leading smart apostrophes appear as ` instead of ‘ — simply looks bad in those rare cases such as local business names that incorporate expressions like ‘n.

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