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Configure SMTP v2.7

I’d like to announce the official release of the updated Configure SMTP plugin (v2.7) for WordPress.

Configure SMTP mailing in WordPress, including support for sending e-mail via SSL/TLS (such as GMail).

For more details, instructions, screenshots, and the download link, visit the plugin’s official homepage at :

Comments welcome on this post for this version of the plugin. Comments will be closed once this release has been superseded by another.

Read more for a detailed ChangeLog of the release.

Detailed ChangeLog

These are the detailed changes, some of which may or may not make sense to you depending on your familiarity with the previous features and internals of the plugin.

  • Fix to prevent HTML entities from appearing in the From name value in outgoing e-mails
  • Added full support for localization
  • Added .pot file
  • Noted that overriding the From e-mail value may not take effect depending on mail server and settings, particular if SMTPAuth is used (i.e. GMail)
  • Changed invocation of plugin’s install function to action hooked in constructor rather than in global space
  • Update object’s option buffer after saving changed submitted by user
  • Miscellaneous tweaks to update plugin to my current plugin conventions
  • Noted compatibility with WP2.9+
  • Dropped compatibility with versions of WP older than 2.8
  • Updated readme.txt
  • Updated copyright date

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Just wanted to say thanks for the plugin. I gave up trying to figure out how to set up a mail server on my local computer when I found this in a google search. Works great, now I can get rid of my registration plugin that removed the need for users to check email for their passwords.

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