Into the Plugin Directory

Those who may not follow me on Twitter will likely not be aware that I’ve been in the process of continuing my effort to update all of my existing plugins and getting those updates, as well as the remaining majority of my plugins, into the Plugin Directory.

As you may know, the Official WordPress Plugin Directory is the centralized home for plugins, and is the source referred to by the plugin browser and installer that ships as part of WordPress. The plugin browser allows you, from the comfort of your own site’s administration section, to find and install plugins hosted in the Plugin Directory. The Plugin Directory also allows WordPress to know about the latest versions of plugins so that users of those plugins can get notified of those updates.

Until recently, I only had a handful of my plugins in the directory, and all of those had since been superseded by newer versions that I had released on my site. So I’ve set out to rectify the situation and begin getting the plugin directory current with my plugins.

Matt graciously fast-tracked the addition of close to 50 new plugins from me into the directory, and I have since been committing code. I am reviewing every plugin as I push them into the directory. Most are getting updates in one form or another. At the very least, I am implementing, verifying, and noting compatibility with WordPress 2.8. However, many are getting legitimate updates, even those plugins I have just recently released as part of my 22 days of plugins.

Here’s a listing of plugins that have been added/updated in the directory so far:

  • Admin Commenters Comments Count
  • Admin Expert Mode *
  • Admin Per Page Limits *
  • Admin Post Navigation *
  • array_partition
  • Commenter Emails *
  • Configure SMTP *
  • Expandable Dashboard Recent Comments
  • Extra Sentence Space
  • If File Exists
  • Linkify Authors
  • Linkify Categories
  • Linkify Tags
  • No Duplicate Comments
  • No Update Nag *
  • Omit Passworded Posts From Search
  • One Click Close Comments *
  • Parentless Categories
  • Peer Categories
  • Random File
  • Reveal Template
  • Safe Function Call
  • Show Pending Comments Count
  • wpPHPMailer
  • wpuntexturize

NOTE: An asterisk (*) after a name indicates the plugin has received an update that is newly introduced in the plugin directory version and not available on my site as of this moment. Please bear with me as I continue adding plugins to the plugin directory and then update this site to reference, include, and document those changes.

Following along on Twitter — @coffee2code — to stay current on the progress of getting plugins updated and added to the plugin directory. I’ll make update posts here to report on batches of updates, and will eventually make detailed posts covering the various updates.

If you are a fan of any particular of my plugins, be assured, an update is in the pipeline (if it hasn’t already been made).

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