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Admin Commenters Comments Count v1.0 (new)

I’d like to announce the first official release of the Admin Commenters Comments Count plugin (v1.0) for WordPress.

Next to all appearances of each commenter’s name in the admin, shows a count of their total number of comments, linked to a listing of those comments.

For more details, instructions, screenshots, and the download link, visit the plugin’s official homepage at :

This is my 58th plugin release.

Update: Plugin updated to v1.0.1 (see comment below for more information)

Comments welcome on this post for this version of the plugin. Comments will be closed once this release has been superseded by another.

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Hi Scott,

I’m a teacher, and I really appreciate your Admin Commenters Comments Count plugin: it has simplified my work!

I wonder, though, whether it would be possible to generate a simple list of all registered users and the number of comments they have posted. Would it be possible, for instance, to add a column to the ‘Users’ page in the Admin area, so that for each user you could see at a glance the number of posts and the number of comments?

Or a generated list that could appear in a sidebar would work, too.

This would be very useful to me, as I give students credit for being active on the class blog.

Thanks again,


Dear Mr. Reilly,

Is it possible to give users an opportunity to format their comments. At least a few most ubiquitous features, like italic, underline, indent?

Igor Borodin

Eric: It’s certainly possible, though would take some time and effort to implement. I’ve made note of the request as a possible future enhancement to the plugin.

Igor: Such functionality is provided via other plugins.

v1.0.1 of this plugin has been released

This release does the following:

* Add PHPDoc documentation
* Note compatibility with WP 2.9+
* Update copyright date

Hi Scott!

Very much thanks for this plugin. It is must, I think!
(Short, clear code, makes brilliant things 🙂

However: I’d like reporting a problem, and I’d like asking some help from you (due to seeing from the many plugins you are certainly an expert in WP).
I try to establish a multi-authors site based on single WP with several of capabilities. (not MU environment). I’ve been running yet my test project on localhost. (OS.WINDOWS, Apache/2.2.6 (Win32) PHP/5.2.5). I tried to log in with several of roles to test my site.
The problem is (as I looked in your code):
$comment_count = 0 when not logged in as admin or editor( I don’t know why), although both $author_email and $type are right (I’ve tested to echo them in the span)???

I observed also, there would be some problem in WP core with the wp-admin\includes\dashboard.php (calling wp_count_comments() from includes\comments.php) since it also gives back a total comment count 0 when someone is not logged in as an admin or editor.

I thought, that might affect your code also failed. (owing to I tried to alter your query variable the sql immediately written into the get_var, and that somehow got back a WP error in which your sql was concatenated with the sql used in wp_count_comments() ?????)

I’m not a WP expert, only a developer with some php and Sql knowledge. I glanced over the whole code(s), but, absolutely don’t understand what and how affect the sql(s) giving back count 0, when a user nowhere restricted in those codes. (there is nowhere current_user_can..)

Because of WP is basically planed for a single user/author platform (generally this user is an admin), it may occur no one have observed this problem yet.
I ask you to report this probable bug in core if you also find so, toward the WP team.

Thank you very much for your looking after, and I deeply appreciate your best answer me to my email if you find some resolution. (I’m not able to repair this error, but would be very important for me)

Best regards,

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