On the Road to 50 Plugins

Some of you may have noticed by my resumption of activity that I am once again in the midst of a push to release numerous plugins. This is not new behavior for me. Every once in awhile I like to embark on these mini marathons to push myself, and at the same time to produce and make available stuff that may be of benefit to those out there using WordPress.

Funny enough, it wasn’t until a few days ago that I realized such activity actually goes back to the very beginning of my involvement with WordPress in 2004. When I released my first plugins, I released 5 plugins in 4 days. A few days later I released 5 more in 3 days (with 3 releases in one day!). Just under a year later I embarked on 7 days of plugins whereby I ended up releasing 10 plugins in 8 days. Then last year I set out on 14 days of plugins. I once again went beyond my stated goal and managed a whopping 21 plugins in 21 days.

What now?

While it appears that I set out to top myself each time out, I am making no such grand claims this time around. Releasing another 21 (or more) plugins?! Having done it before, doing it again seems daunting.

But I haven’t ruled anything out though.

At the moment I have released plugins over 6 consecutive days. I have one scheduled for today. In fact I have plans for a number of days worth of plugins. Am I going to surpass my previously set bar of 21 plugins? You’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

Whatever becomes of this latest adventure, one thing is certain: I will reach the milestone of having released 50 plugins for WordPress. Prior to the releases I started making this week, I had set loose upon the world 41 plugins. And as I said, I’ve just added 6 more.

47 plugins.

3 more to go to reach 50. I will promise you at least that much. Though if history is any indication, I’ll be marching past that in short order.

FYI: All of my plugins can be found on my WordPress Plugins page.

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We’ve been using your plugins since forever, so it’s really good to see you’re still releasing more of them! Congrats on (when you’ll be) hitting 50 of them, that’s an impressive milestone. Looking forward to trying them out on our sites…

You can do it! Ya, come on buddy, stay focused.

Remember, stop, stand up, walk around your desk ,do some eye focus exercise, 10 deep knee bends. A slash of cold water , now,
back to it. Set your 60 minute alarm to repeat.

We’ll be watching for some amazing results.

You’re absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for the plugins, If I only have an iota of your focus … sigh…
Go, go, go Scott!

Btw: can’t comment on Admin Commenters Comment Count, error 404. Just wanted to say that it doesn’t work for me, it gives 0 to everyone. (Also: sort commentrs by comment count would be neat).

Please make a plugin that forces multiple line-spaces at the end of text content. Sometimes need a more space and would like it without cutting/pasting HTML, or being locked into CSS spacing.

Just want to hit the Enter key a couple/few time on this post or that, and publish the page.

Thought this might somehow be related to your EXCELLENT extra sentence space plugin.

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