Package/plugin/module WordPress

wpPHPMailer deprecated

The wpPHPMailer plugin has been officially deprecated and is no longer being developed or supported. Fear not, for the essence of the plugin continues on in my Configure SMTP plugin.

Configure SMTP is the spiritual successor to the wpPHPMailer plugin. While the general premise of both plugins are identical — allowing for the use and configuration of SMTP mailing in WordPress — the internals are different enough that I felt a new plugin was warranted. wpPHPMailer made the PHPMailer library available to WordPress. But since WordPress integrated the PHPMailer package into its core, a large portion of the plugin became obviated. When considering the removal of that burden from the plugin, a complete rewrite of the code, and the now-outdated (and not especially clear) naming of wpPHPMailer, Configure SMTP was born.

This plugin was updated as part of coffee2code’s 14 Days of Plugins (updated plugin #18).