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Configure SMTP v2.0

I’d like to announce the first official release of the Configure SMTP plugin (v2.0) for WordPress.

Configure and activate SMTP mailing in WordPress.

The plugin’s official homepage is located at :

This plugin is the spiritual successor to my wpPHPMailer plugin. While the general premise of both plugins are identical — allowing for the use and configuration of SMTP mailing in WordPress — the internals are different enough that I felt a new plugin was warranted. wpPHPMailer made the PHPMailer library available to WordPress. But since WordPress integrated the PHPMailer package into its core, a large portion of the plugin became obviated. When considering the removal of that burden from the plugin, a complete rewrite of the code, and the now-outdated (and not especially clear) naming of wpPHPMailer, Configure SMTP was born.

This new plugin is part of coffee2code’s 14 Days of Plugins (new plugin #14).

Comments welcome on this post for this version of the plugin. Comments will be closed once this release has been superseded by another.

17 replies on “Configure SMTP v2.0”

This plugin does not appear to support Gmail. For instance, I use Google Apps to give me several gigabytes of storage and the gmail interface but using . The rest of the plugin looks good so hopefully you’ll have some time to fix this missing feature.

hey.. I am very pleased.. this plug in worked very well, easily configured and also resolved email html formatting issues.

well done.. .. no kidding.. you jammed out these plugins in 14 days..

Gmail support? I see that Jeremy reported that Gmail didn’t work in April. Is this by design? I can’t get it to work either. I am guessing that it is because you can’t set it to use TLS…?

same problem here with google apps/ google mail.
the test mail sais “sent”, but obviously the mail isn’t sent (dont appears in the outbox (webmail interface) of google apps, nor does it arrive.

Looks good. I was able to send myself a test message ok. However, asking WordPress to send a backup by email didn’t work. Any ideas?

I used to use the mail system on my blog host but I’ve moved email for my domain to another provider, hence my interest in using SMTP.

Hmm. Just discovered that WP Database backup plugin (Austin Matzko’s) which was saving to a backup directory under wp-content is no longer doing so.

I had a 1k backup file there from a few days ago (??), which I deleted. Running backup again said it finished but I never got the OK message.

I am using latest WP (2.6.2).

Update: Logging into host and using control panel I see a couple of backup files of the right size with 0644 file attributes.

Rerunning backup I sometimes get the backup finished OK but so far I never get an email. I tried deactivating and reactivating WP Database backup but no joy.

I don’t have much to futz just now.

Email of comments is working ok but the the email contact form is also not working (MistyLook theme). Hardly used but…

I found some other messages about backup / email problems on Austin’s forum. I will send him a link here as I’m still waiting to be registered on his forum.

I tried changing the permissions on the backup directory to 777. Still no luck.

Hey, cool plugin, nice interface and all. After sending a test message, it gives me the timestamp and confirms that the mail was sent but I never receive it… Do you have a clue, or can you set me on the right path? Something funky with my server…? I’ve tried 2 SMTP servers…

Thanks in advance!

Thank you, web guy. I spun for 2 hours trying to find a description of what was broken with mail, i.e. what it wanted to do. Then found you and 2 minutes later all was well.

Plugin updated to v2.5

The overwhelmingly most requested feature (support for SSL/TLS (such as for GMail) has been added.

Read about it.

* added support for GMail, including configuring the various settings to be appropriate for GMail
* added support for SMTPSecure setting (acceptable values of ”, ’ssl’, or ‘tls’)
* added “Settings” link next to “Activate”/”Deactivate” link next to the plugin on the admin plugin listings page

* tweaked plugin’s admin options page to conform to newer WP 2.7 style
* tweak test e-mail subject and body
removed the use_smtp option since WP uses SMTP by default, the plugin can’t help you if it isn’t using SMTP already, and the plugin should just go ahead and apply if it is active
* updated description, installation instructions, extended description, copyright
* extended compatibility to WP 2.7+
* updated to v2.5
* facilitated translation of some text

* fixed bug where specified wordwrap value wasn’t taken into account

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