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Custom Post Limits v1.0

I’d lke to announce the first official release of the Custom Post Limits plugin (v1.0) for WordPress.

Control the number of posts that appear on the front page, search results, and author, category, tag, and date archives sections of your blog, independent of each other.

The plugin’s official homepage is located at :

This new plugin is part of coffee2code’s 14 Days of Plugins (new plugin #1).

Comments welcome on this post for this version of the plugin. Comments will be closed once this release has been superseded by another.

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Hi. How is this different from CQS (Custom Query String), an old plugin that I have been using to do this? Your plugin, based on the screenshot, lacks a few features that I would need to change over.

With your plugin, how do I set the “limit” of Show ALL Posts? In CQS this can be set with a value of -1

How do I set a different # of posts per category? For example most of my categories should show the default number of posts like the homepage, but my Podcast category (say it’s Category 3) should show -1, or All posts.

Thank you.

I like the plugin. I just noticed though in the Admin section where Manage – Post section, if I tried to sort my post by category or month, it will only show the number of posts as defined by the plugin, not 20 posts so is there a work around to this issue?

I post frequently and don’t like how this is interferring with the Admin Manage – Post section. When I deactivate it, no problem. But when it is activated, problem.

Dgold: I’m not familiar with Custom Query String so I can’t say how they compare. Based on your suggestion I’ve added the ability to specify a limit of -1 to show all posts. I’ll also have it on the agenda now to add more fine-grained control, such as # of posts per category, or per author, etc. Keep an eye out for the update.

Mark: You’re right. The fix was simple so it’ll be included in the next release of the plugin. I’ll get that out soon, but it may have to wait until just after the 14 Days of plugins.

Hi! I’ve found this plugin very useful. However, I’ve noticed that the usual “next_posts_link” or “previous_posts_link” functions still think that the post limit is the standard WP limit, and keep showing the next/previous links as before.

Am I missing something or it’s just that it’s not possible that the links work properly?


Great plugin.

Has it been tested to work with WordPress 2.5+? It installed without any problems and I have the default limit set to 10 and front page to 1 but it doesn’t take. all 10 posts still show on the front page.

Im assuming its because of hte introduction of the option to change what is displayed on the front page of Wp?


Great plugin, but I really needed to be able to control the number of posts displayed on specific categories. Mt blog category needs to display more posts than say my other categories. Can this be done? I’m willing to make these changes myself if someone could lead me in the right direction. Or are you working on this type of functionality?


Hey all,

Custom Post Limits v1.5 has been released. Check out the release notes here. It adds all requests and bugfixes mentioned above, including:

* Support for per-tag, per-author, and per-category limits
* Support for having no limit (via limit of -1)
* Fix for next_post_links() and previous_post_links() bug mentioned by duka.
* Fix for the limit applying to the admin section
* Plus more!

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