Far too many things have been left to stagnate for far too long around here. So in the interest of bringing life back to the site, I’m relaunching it with a redesign. I’m a bit premature with the unveiling of the new look, so you’ll have to bear with me as I iron out the kinks (particularly with IE, which I’m sure has some issues) and clean up the source.

Oh, and expect updates to (most) all of my WordPress plugins soon, too.

In addition, there will be an expansion of focus for the site beyond WordPress.

At least now there is motion.

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hurray!! because it seems wordpress has been upgraded (i’m not quite sure how mine upgraded itself) and i can’t change some of the things used in your plugins.. for example, i can’t seem to change the “userlevel” of my users in the options anymore.. it disappeared!

I’m so glad and wait in eager anticipation of the updates 🙂

This is really cool that you are updating… I was wondering if these plugins are WP2.0 compatable or not but I take it on the grounds of the previous comment that they are simi compliant/usable.

Hi there,

first of all my best compliments for your work.

Second, it’s not the right place, but I don’t find any contact form or your email address right now on your site, so I hope you read this comment and can answer this question :

I wish to use your wp customizable post listing, but I suppose that your version is valid ONLY if I have phpbb2 database tables on the same database with WP.

I use another database for my phpbb,
so, there’s any way to resolve my problem?

What I must write on the plugin code ?

many many thanks and greetz from Italy, Venice.

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