New look

Well, I tired of the too-basic site design, though I still didn’t have the inclination to come up with an entirely new design on my own. So I perused Alex King’s WordPress Styles site and chose King’s Dots (3-column) style and modified it. One such modification being the change to a 2-column design. Then of course I added custom images. Feels a bit homier now.

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Hi Scott, I’ve found your site after a (pityful) search in WP forum, ’cause I was looking for a mail script working with WP; it isn’t yet clear to me if it is a user or admin post. I mean, it allows any surfers to post to me, or the contrary?
Second; it wille enbed its callers in the index page, or when I click the “mail” link, I’ll be brought to another page? I mean, as you know, wp works with the loop sequence; will your script affect the index page’s contents, or will be called independently?

In my precedent layout, I build this form (it worked with cgi) to avoid nasties:
I made hidden the msg and subject boxes (with a default writings in them) and let visible only the email field; a user had to click only 4 buttons to write in the hidden subject (with document-write.ubjectbox) field the motivation of the contact, then added the mail, and had to wait for my reply… if the subject choice were likely to my expectative 🙂 (job, site, infos; no complains)
I might sugest you an improvement to avoid smuts, no-spam and other mechanisms; a cookie checker to allow users to contact the admin only once (or twice, or more, as far as the admin has setted in the config) per day. 🙂 silly people will desist.

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