Getting started: Purpose

The purpose of is to act as a repository for all the tech-related information I’d like to keep a record of for future reference. I intend to post handy code snippets, newly learned information, links to documentation, help sites, news, etc. I also intend to document various procedures I perform (namely: application installations, code modifications, application configurations, etc).

Perhaps a better idea of how I foresee the site is to explain the category system I hope to employ. For each post, I expect to apply at least three categories, one from each of three groups:

  • Primary Subject:
    The primary subject matter of the post, chosen from among one of three sub-groups:

    • Applications: Apache, Firefox, GIMP, MySQL, WordPress, etc
    • Operating Systems/Windowing Environments: FreeBSD, KDE, Mac, etc
    • Programming Languages: C, C++, CSS, HTML, PHP, SQL, TCL, etc
  • Resource Type:
    The post is itself, or links to, what sort of resource?
    Community, Discussion, Documentation, Help, Hack, Idea, Module/plugin, News, Rant, Tip
  • Resource Audience:
    The post, or what it links to, is intended for what sort of audience?
    Developers or Users

Maybe none of that makes sense to anyone but me. Then again, I don’t expect anyone else looking to make sense of it.